Reasons For Planning A Vacation To Indianapolis

The United States is oversaturated with amazing tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes. However, some destinations are better known than others. Indianapolis is frequently overlooked, yet the city is full of exciting attractions. In fact, the city’s attractions can easily excite and entertain a whole family. Below, you’ll learn more about the top reasons for traveling to Indianapolis Indiana.

The War Memorial

The United States has been involved in several wars over the years and these events have costed thousands of lives. Each war has its own monument dedicated to those that lost their lives. Indianapolis’ World War Memorial Plaza is dedicated to veterans of the first World War. The entire monument spans over five blocks and was originally created in 1919. At the center of the plaza, you will find the Indiana World War Memorial. The museum contains artifacts and other items dating back to this monstrosity.

The Circle Center

A lot of people will want to travel to Indianapolis for the city’s amazing shopping venues. Although there are numerous retail establishments in the city, most locals will agree that the Circle Centre Mall is one of the very best. The mall was originally opened to the public in September of 1995. Today, it is most popular than ever and is home to more than 100 different stores. There are four levels of establishments to explore. Aside from the retail establishments, visitors will also be able to enjoy the United Artists movie theater and the GameWorks Studios arcade. If you’re looking for a good place to hang out or shop, you will definitely want to check out the Circle Centre Mall!

Indianapolis Zoo


If you have children in your group, you will definitely want to schedule a visit to the Indianapolis Zoo. The Zoo is located on Washington Street in Indianapolis and is home to hundreds of wild animals, birds, and mammals. The underwater dolphin show is the favorite and will keep your family entertained for hours. Children and adults can walk through the dome for free of charge once they purchase their tickets to the Zoo. There are also various amusement rides set up throughout the park, including a carousel, train, and small roller coaster.


When visiting the Zoo, be sure to wear comfortable attire and footwear, because there is quite a distance between various exhibits. Community Tuesdays are always the best time to schedule your visit, because tickets are discounted and the lines are shorter. Don’t forget the Oceans exhibit, which features a large tank of sharks.


Crown Hill Cemetery


While many people do not find cemeteries in the least interesting, the Crown Hill Cemetery is the third largest in the country. There are various companies that offer walking tours to tourists and the locals for a very affordable fee. Here, you will find the graves of John Dillinger, Booth Tarkington, Colonel Eli Lilly, James Whitcomb, and President Benjamin Harrison. The Cemetery is located on 38th Street is awaiting your arrival.