How To Avoid Being Scammed By A Heating And Air Conditioning Company

As a resident of Indianapolis, you have most likely heard the horror stories of residents being ripped off by local scammers. Many of these creeps will pretend to be legitimate service providers. However, most are not capable of installing the equipment or repairing your problem. Instead, they’ll run off with your money, before your problem is solved. With this in mind, it is essential to take precautions before hiring one of the heating and air conditioning companies in Indianapolis Indiana. Below, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from these nefarious individuals.

Be Cautious Of Suspicious Websites

Although the Internet can be enormously helpful, it has also led thousands of people astray in the past. Unfortunately, it is possible for anyone to setup a website and designing a website, which perfectly replicates a legitimate company’s site, is surprisingly easy. With this in mind, you need to be very cautious when using the Internet to look for a reliable heating and air conditioning technician in Indianapolis. A good way to confirm the validity of a service provider is by looking at the physical address provided on the website.

Check out the address and make sure it does indeed point to a HVAC company’s headquarters. If it doesn’t, you might be looking at a fake website.

Allow The BBB To Guide You

The Better Business Bureau is a highly respected company, which monitors the performances of other companies. Consumers can file complaints with the BBB, if they feel a company has done them wrong in any way. And of course, all of the complaints and the company’s responses are available for all to see online. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check out the BBB’s website before hiring an HVAC company. Avoid companies that fail to rectify complaints made by previous clients.

Speak With Others

If you have lived in Indianapolis for several years, you are most likely acquainted with a large number of people. These individuals and their previous experiences could prove to be helpful in your quest to find a reliable HVAC company. Take the time to speak with these people and see what they have to say. They may be able to provide you with a few recommendations or might help you avoid working with a shady company.

Direct Contact

Eventually, you will need to pick up the phone and make direct contact with these companies. Speaking directly with the company’s call taker and help you learn a great deal about the company as a whole. Using the conversation to learn more about the company and get a feeling for their performance and attitude. The call taker should make you feel respected and they should willingly answer any questions you may have. If you do not feel comfortable with the company, you should look elsewhere.


All in all, not all HVAC companies are equal. In order to avoid getting scammed, it is essential to do your due diligence. Spend time researching each of your options and confirming their validity. Once you have, the probability of getting scammed will be substantially lower.