Is It Time To Contact A Heating And Cooling Company?

As a homeowner, you will be required to cover a large number of expenses on a regular basis. Keeping up with your monthly bills can be difficult, but managing your budget will become much more complicated when a curveball is thrown into the equation. Unfortunately, your heating and cooling unit may kick the bucket at any minute. When it does, you will need to replace it as quickly as possible, but this is much easier said than done. Even the most affordable Indianapolis heating and cooling companies can be very expensive. How can you know for sure you need a new unit? You’ll be able to find out below.

Check The Power

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure your HVAC unit is receiving a sufficient amount of power. Since this equipment uses a large amount of power, it will normally have its own breaker. If something goes wrong, the breaker could pop and this may prevent the unit from receiving the power it requires to operate. Therefore, you will first want to head outside and check the breaker. Switch it on and off. Now, try switching the unit back on. If it comes on, the problem is likely minor and you may not need the assistance of a professional. However, if the unit doesn’t switch on, you may need to contact a professional Indianapolis heating and cooling technician.

Inspect The Thermostat

It is vital to remember that your thermostat plays a vital role in making the HVAC unit operate correctly. The thermostat helps to regulate the temperature, while also telling the unit to switch on and off. Suffice to say, if something is wrong with the thermostat, the heating and cooling unit might not operate properly. Take the time to check out the thermostat and see if it is working as intended. Many thermostats use batteries. Be sure to check yours and make sure the batteries are still in good condition.

Examine The Duct

Sometimes, the HVAC equipment might be working overtime, yet your home will still remain too hot or too cold. This can be incredibly problematic and could result in your home utilizing too much energy. The problem may not originate at the equipment itself. Instead, it could be the duct system. A cut in the duct or a loose connection can substantially decrease the efficiency of your unit, while preventing a room from reaching the desired temperature. Depending on the setup of your home, the duct may be in the attic or in the crawlspace. So, prepare to get dirty and grab a flashlight. Carefully inspect the duct and patch any holes you can find with the appropriate tape.

If the damage is too serve, you will need to contact a professional and have them replace the entire duct line.


You depend on your HVAC unit to keep your home comfortable. When something goes awry, you should not instantly panic. The problem might be minor. By following the guidance above, you might be able to rectify the situation, without calling a professional. However, if the above steps do not solve your problem, you may have no choice but to call a professional.