Tips For Maintaining Your Heating And Air Equipment

It is undeniably true that your home’s heating and air conditioning equipment is very expensive. The initial price tag was enormous and the cost of operating the equipment is also significant. With this in mind, it is essential to keep your HVAC equipment in optimum condition, so it works as efficiently as possible. If you fail to properly maintenance your equipment, it will breakdown and tear up much faster. Also, this will decrease the unit’s ability to maintain the desired temperature and this will increase your home’s electric bill. Below, you will find tips for maintaining your Indianapolis heating and air equipment, while extending its lifespan.

Cleaning The Coils

While it is true that your HVAC unit has an abundance of components, the coils are one of the most vital. If the coils become dirty and clogged, the unit will no longer work correctly. The coils may also become damaged and this could prevent them from working effectively. Each and every year, it is essential to take the time to clean the condenser coils. Remove leaves and other debris from the coils and check them for damage. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may be able to make rectifications on your own. With a little luck, you won’t need a replacement.

Replace Your Filters

As long as everything is up to par, your air conditioner will be able to disperse clean air. However, the air quality will diminish as your Indianapolis heating and air unit is used over a period of time. The quality of air delivered will depend on your filters. It is recommended that all homeowners replace their filters each and every month. This will help to maintain the cleanest air, while diminishing the number of allergens within the home. Remember that some filters need to be replaced, but others can be cleaned and returned.

Moving Parts

The heating and air conditioning unit is embedded with various moving parts. These components play a huge role in the operation process, with many of them being exposed to the environment. The best way to keep these parts in good working condition is to lubricate them regularly. If the parts lack lubrication, they will cause a lot of friction, increasing the electricity load. To learn how to do this properly, you should read through the product manual until you find where all of the parts are located. WD-40 oil is recommended because it will penetrate into the components and displace moisture.

Cleaning Ductwork

The ductwork will become dirty over time. Dirt, dust and debris will fall into the vents and remain there until it is vacuumed out. You can utilize a large vacuum cleaner to suction out the debris or hire a professional technician, with specialized equipment to do it for you. However, you choose to get the job done does not truly manner, but the process should be completed at least once a year. During this time, you should also examine the ductwork to make sure that the connections and seams are sealed. Air will seep through the crevices, making it nearly impossible to keep your home comfortable.